Archival & Acquisitions Theories

Open Access
Digital Preservation
Collaborative Knowledge-making .

The Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ecda) is a publicly available archive platform for accessing, researching, and contributing pre-twentieth-century Caribbean archival materials.


Our acquisitions model prioritizes texts and materials that meet an immediate need of researchers and teachers of the field. Our first major acquisitions phase was based on a preliminary core text list, established by the early Caribbeanist research community, which you can see here, and with the aim of supporting the creation of our first two ecda scholarly exhibits: the Early Caribbean Slave Narrative and Obeah and Atlantic Studies: a Short Anthology .

By the Numbers

(updated: 2017-03-10) Currently, we have acquired upwards of 70 primary source materials, with roughly 30 items ingested and publicly available through our archive portal. We perform bulk ingests at three points in the year (end of Fall, Spring, and Summer), with smaller ingests and updates periodically depending on the public need of newly acquired items. Our Research Team generates extended metadata and scholarly introductions for each of the archive items we ingest.

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