Radically Remixing Archives.

the Co-Lab is a publicly available digital sandbox space for early Caribbeanists to experiment with digital authoring tools and build projects with the ecda's archival materials

Help us build the digital archive!
What can I do through the Co-Lab?

  • Compose and publish scholarly essays and bibliographies to guide research in the field
  • Design professional exhibits, timelines, and maps with the ecda's archival materials
  • Upload your own materials into your personal archive as well as the central repository
  • Contribute to the generation of detailed metadata on the Caribbean by helping us extend our glossary and keyterms database.

. . .  And so much more!

How do I get started?

  • Browse through published projects by selecting the options in the grid
  • Register for a free myECDA account
  • Or, take a tour of the Co-Lab

Coming Spring 2018!
Contact our team with your questions

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