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About Nicole N Aljoe
About Nicole N Aljoe:

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Nicole N Aljoe has contributed to:

al-Sadiqa, Abu Bakr, Scherife of Timbuctoo (1835)

Nicole Aljoe AbstractThe narrative of Abu Bakr al-Sadiqa (also known as Edward Donlan), came into being after British magistrate, Robert Madden while at a Jamaica market happened to see al-Sadiqa write his name in elegant Arabic. After talking with him, Madden asked al-Sadiqa to write a narrative of his history. Add Bookmark You need to […]

Warner, Ashton, the Narrative of Ashton Warner (1831)

Nicole Aljoe X Close ecda : : bookmarks Manage your ecda bookmarks and bookmark collections. You need to Login or Register to bookmark/favorite this content. AbstractPublished in March 1831, Negro Slavery Described by a Negro details the experiences of Ashton Warner of St. Vincent. It was transcribed by Susannah Strickland, the same woman who transcribed […]


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Nicole N Aljoe has contributed to:

Introduction to the Early Caribbean Slave Narrative

The Early Caribbean Slave Narrative: An Introduction To read the full length essay by Nicole N. Aljoe that helped shape this curated exhibit please see, “Caribbean Slave Narratives.” In The Oxford Handbook of African American Slave Narratives. Ed. John Ernest. New York: Oxford University Press. As a genre, the slave narrative is often primarily associated […]


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Nicole N Aljoe has contributed to:

The Early Caribbean Slave Narrative

OverviewEarly Caribbeanist scholar Nicole N. Aljoe argues that “just as the institution [of slavery] itself was global, so too, was the genre.” Akin to the US slave narratives, testimony by enslaved people of the Caribbean operated as part of a complex transatlantic/hemispheric print network. While like the US narratives, however, the Caribbean narratives are intended […]

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