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Scholarly Introduction

Contributed Scholarly Introduction: edwardsbryan-historicalsurveyofthefrenchcolonystdomingo-1798

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Edwards divided the two-volume History into six books, each book consisting of four to five chapters with appendices. The first book describes indigenous people of the Caribbean, as well as the ancient geography, climate and ecology of the islands. The second and third books focus on the early colonial history of the Caribbean, detailing in particular Anglo-Spanish relations. The fourth book consists largely of ethnography and Edwards's discussion of slavery: Edwards provides a history of the transatlantic slave trade, describes the state of modern slavery in the Caribbean and advances his argument against abolition. The fifth book is an examination of agriculture in the Caribbean, with a focus on the sugar industry. In the sixth and final book, Edwards describes the British system of colonial government in the West Indies and describes the recent history of political and economic relations with Britain and the newly independent United States.



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Brian Edwards, British Empire, Domincan Republic, Hispanola, Histories, Obeah Narratives, St. Domingo, Travel Narratives, Treatises

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