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Timelines are publications created by the ecda community using a suite of digital authoring tools available through the myecda dashboard.

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Guide for Building Timelines
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A Guide for building timeline projects using the Co-Lab timeline feature > About the Co-Lab > Browse all timeline projects > Contact the ecda Team for additional support You need to Login or Register to bookmark/favorite this content.

A Dynamic Window to build your timeline projects and continue to review the tutorials.

Start a new Timline project

Your project will open here (or, go here to work from your dashboard):

Be sure to save or publish your project before navigating away from this browser session.

Toggle me to review "Quick Start" steps for adding a template into your project

Or, start your own from scratch!
  1. Open a new Timeline project
  2. Select the "Page Builder" tab
  3. Choose "Prebuilt Layout"
  4. Choose "Clone: Templates"
  5. Find your desired timeline template, and click "Insert"

  6. *Insert Before or After will place the template above or below existing page content; replace current will remove all existing content in place of template content; any option will do for a new project!


Check out these tutorials for building and managing your timelines through your myECDA dashboard!

Select a tutorial, and it will open in this window, so you can continue to work on your project under the "Add" tab.

Each tutorial will focus on a template available under your PageBuilder "Layouts" > Templates

Tutorial: Timelines (Getting Started)
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This tutorial focuses on getting started with the timeline building features of the ecda.

Tutorial: Page Builder
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