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Obeah and the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (Atlantic Studies, Vol 12, 2015)
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See Exhibit: Obeah and Atlantic Studies Abstract In conjunction with this special issue of Atlantic Studies, the Early Caribbean Digital Archive (ECDA) – developed at Northeastern University and available at – has created a collaborative archival project, “Obeah and the Caribbean.” This project consists, in part, of a digital exhibit of original obeah texts […]

Introduction to the Early Caribbean Slave Narrative
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The Early Caribbean Slave Narrative: An Introduction To read the full length essay by Nicole N. Aljoe that helped shape this curated exhibit please see, “Caribbean Slave Narratives.” In The Oxford Handbook of African American Slave Narratives. Ed. John Ernest. New York: Oxford University Press. As a genre, the slave narrative is often primarily associated […]

Early Caribbean Literature: Narratives of the British West Indies (An Introduction to the Field)
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Dania Dwyer, Northeastern University 2015. The field of Early Caribbean literature considers texts written in or about the Caribbean, written by natives or creoles who resided or were otherwise invested in the region during the period of slavery to the mid nineteenth century. Examination of the field reveals a wide array of genres, from letters to diaries and travelogues, but one fact is consistent: it is a body of literature grounded in empire and the imaginations of empire in the West Indies.

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