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The Early Caribbean Slave Narrative
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OverviewEarly Caribbeanist scholar Nicole N. Aljoe argues that “just as the institution [of slavery] itself was global, so too, was the genre.” Akin to the US slave narratives, testimony by enslaved people of the Caribbean operated as part of a complex transatlantic/hemispheric print network. While like the US narratives, however, the Caribbean narratives are intended […]

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even rows with caption on hoverInteresting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, Written by HimselfEquiano, OlaudahGoogle Books, Google Inc.17942016-12-15T14:46:29Z2017-10-14T20:29:47ZACoreFileneu:m04107955northeastern:drs:repository:staffnortheastern:drs:college_of_social_sciences_humanities:early_caribbean_digital_archivepublic000351560000000000neu:cj82ng44tneu:cj82ng44t000000000000000000/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_1/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_2/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_3/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_4/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_5/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_1/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_2/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_3/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_4/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_5PdfFilePdfFileneu:cj82ng44t000000000/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_1/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_2/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_3/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_4/downloads/neu:cj82p461k?datastream_id=thumbnail_5PdfFileInteresting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, Written by HimselfInteresting Narrative of the Life of Olaudah Equiano, or Gustavus Vassa, the African, Written by HimselfInteresting […]

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Representations of Indigenous People in the Caribbean
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Representations of Indigenous People in the Caribbean Exhibit Argument Prior the the arrival of Columbus, the indigenous peoples of the Caribbean maintained unique and diverse cultures. But after the arrival of colonial Europeans in the Caribbean, indigneous peoples were largely displaced, assimilated, and killed off by disease and warfare. A number of texts that depict […]

Getting Started with WordPress and Page Builder
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Co-Lab User Guides: Getting Started with WordPress and Page Builder A guide for teaching new users how to create content using the native WordPress authoring interface and the Page Builder add-on Other Guides Building an Exhibit: A Basic Template and Overview Co-Lab Links Exhibits Homepage About the Co-Lab ecda Support Team Overview of the WordPress […]

Exhibit User Guides
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Exhibit Builder User Guides Welcome to the User Guides for building exhibits through the Co-Lab. Refer to the following guides for getting started with creating project pages with WordPress, Page Builder, and the DRS Toolkit Shortcodes feature.  You can also see available exhibit templates with use-case descriptions.   Co-Lab Home Exhibits Home Build an Exhibit

Exhibit Homepage Template (Basic)
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Go back to Exhibits Homepage Exhibit Homepage Template (Basic) **If you have questions or feedback on using our setup to create scholarly exhibits or other project formats, we would love to know! Send us a note by visiting our Contact and Help page. This guide introduces myECDA users to using the DRS Toolkit connector and […]

Exhibit Example
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The Early Caribbean Digital Archive Indigenous Peoples of the Caribbean Exhibit — Texts | Images | And More — About This Exhibit Build Your Own Exhibit Build Your Own Exhibit Using ECDA Materials! Browse records in the archive Contribute item(s) to the archive: Join the ecda’s Open Annotation Commons Access resources for researching and teaching: […]

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Tutorial: Page Builder
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Tutorial: Exhibit Building (Basic)
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