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Exhibit Homepage Template (Basic)

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Exhibit Homepage Template (Basic)

**If you have questions or feedback on using our setup to create scholarly exhibits or other project formats, we would love to know! Send us a note by visiting our Contact and Help page.

This guide introduces myECDA users to using the DRS Toolkit connector and the Page Builder composer for building a basic exhibit. It will introduce initial steps for starting a new "myExhibits" project page followed by some suggestions for preliminary design wire-framing. The guide will then walk through basic features of the WordPress authoring interface and one model for composing an exhibit Homepage.

Creating your first "myExhibit" page

Step 1: Log into your myECDA account

Step 2: go to ecda's admin dashboard

Step 3: select "myExhibits" from left dashboard menu

Step 4: select "New Exhibit" button (above listing of current published exhibits; empty if this is your first exhibit page)

Step 5: title your exhibit page (you can edit this and the "slug"/url of your exhibit page at any time)

Step 6: Save as either a draft (private to you only) or select "Publish" ("Hello World!")

Awesome! You've just created your first myExhibit page! If you return to your dashboard view of "myExhibits" you will see your new page.

*You can create as many myExhibit pages you desire. The relation or nonrelation across these pages depends on how you associate them within each page. You will see an example of how to do this below.

Preliminary Wire Frame Design

Exhibit Template Start (A Basic Landing Page Design for your exhibit sub-pages/content)

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