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About Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee
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Items and Projects tagged as Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee:

Lee, Hannah Farnham Sawyer, The Memoir of Pierre Toussaint (1854)

Liz Polcha X Close ecda : : bookmarks Manage your ecda bookmarks and bookmark collections. You need to Login or Register to bookmark/favorite this content. AbstractFirst published in Boston in 1854, The Memoir of Pierre Toussaint is Hannah Farnham Sawyer Lee’s account of the life of Toussaint.  He was born a slave in Haiti, and moved […]

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Items and Projects tagged asHannah Farnham Sawyer Lee :

Mapping the Early Caribbean Slave Narrative

See Also: the early Caribbean Slave Narrative exhibit Below is a map produced by colab scholar Lindi Nguyen (Northeastern University | Spring 2014), which maps spatial data on authors and publications related to early Caribbean Slave narratives> Lindi Nguyen: As an alternative way to navigate the Early Caribbean Slave Narrative Exhibit, we can use this […]

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