Who We Are

Project Staff:

Professor Nicole Aljoe, Co-Director

Professor Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Co-Director

Elizabeth Polcha, Project Manager

Alanna Prince, Research and Metadata Lead

Sarah Payne, NULab Fellow

Lara Rose, NULab Fellow

Project Alumni:

Ben Doyle, Project Manager and Web Developer

Elizabeth Hopwood, Project Manager and TEI Director

Dania Dwyer, Research and Pedagogy Lead

Nicole Keller, Acquisitions Manager

David Medina, Research and Metadata Lead

Citing this project:

  • Project:
    • The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. Nicole Aljoe and Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Northeastern University, 2017. ecda.northeastern.edu
  • Archive item:
    • Author, Title, Date of original publication. The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. ecda.northeastern.edu
    • Example: Long, Edward, Candid Reflections, 1772. The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. ecda.northeastern.edu
  • Scholarly Introduction:
    • Scholarly Intro Author, Title of Work: A Scholarly Introduction, The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. ecdabeta.northeastern.edu
    • Example: Rose, Lara. “Candid Reflections Upon the Judgement lately awarded by the Court of King’s Bench, in Westminster-Hall, On what is commonly called the Negroe-cause, By A Planter: A Scholarly Introduction.” The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. ecda.northeastern.edu

CERES: Exhibit Toolkit

This project was created on a customized WordPress instance using the CERES: Exhibit Toolkit. These tools, as well as archival, hosting, and support systems, are provided by the Northeastern University Library Digital Scholarship group. The DSG specializes in the Digital Humanities and helps faculty, staff, and students in the Northeastern community showcase their projects to the public.