Professor Nicole Aljoe


Professor Nicole N. Aljoe is an associate professor of English and African American Studies. Her fields of specialization are eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Black Atlantic Literature, the Slave Narrative, Postcolonial Studies, and eighteenth-century British Novel. Professor Aljoe’s recent publications include “Caribbean Slave Narratives” in The Oxford Handbook of African American Slave Narratives. She is co-editor of Journeys of the Slave Narrative in the Early Americas, University of Virginia Press, 2014 and co-editor of Islands in the Stream: The Early Caribbean in Literary History (forthcoming Palgrave MacMillan). She is also the author of Creole TestimoniesSlave Narratives from the British West Indies, 1709-1838 (Palgrave McMillian, 2004).

She co-founded the Early Caribbean Digital Archive with Elizabeth Maddock Dillon in 2011, after realizing there was a dire need to have open-access to well-curated early Caribbean material available online. Since then, she has worked to advance the ECDA by establishing partnerships with Caribbean institutions, creating important pedagogical material for all student levels, uncovering embedded slave narratives, and theorizing how to bring forth the voices of women and people of color from the archive.

Professor Elizabeth Maddock Dillon


Elizabeth Maddock Dillon is Professor and Chair of the Department of English and Co-director of the NULab for Texts, Maps, and Networks at Northeastern University. She teaches courses in the fields of early American literature, Atlantic theatre and performance, and transatlantic print culture. She is the author of New World Drama: The Performative Commons in the Atlantic World, 1649-1849 (Duke University Press, 2014) The Gender of Freedom: Fictions of Liberalism and the Literary Public Sphere (Stanford University Press, 2004). She is co-editor with Michael Drexler of The Haitian Revolution and the Early U.S.: Histories, Geographies, Textualities, which is forthcoming from the University of Pennsylvania Press.

Along with Nicole Aljoe, she co-founded the Early Caribbean Digital Archive in 2011, after realizing there was a dire need to have open-access to well-curated early Caribbean material available online. Since then, she has worked to push the ECDA forward, which includes grant writing, creating partnerships (especially with Caribbean researchers and institutions), and theorizing new and exciting ways to decolonize the archive.

Alanna Prince

Project Manager

Prince is a graduate student in the English Department at Northeastern University. Prince has been working with the ECDA since Fall of 2017,  first as a Research and Metadata Lead and now acts as the Project Manager. She focuses on managing the site, metadata curation, teaching partnerships, and exhibit building.

David Medina

Research and Translation Assistant

David is a doctoral student in the English Department at Northeastern University studying hemispheric American literature. He has been working with the ECDA since the Fall of 2016 as a Research Assistant and Consultant. David contributes scholarly introductions, translations, and transcriptions.

Laura Johnson

Research and Metadata Lead
Johnson is a graduate student studying English at Northeastern University with special interests in disability studies, archival theory and practice, and digital knowledge making. Johnson began working with the ECDA in Fall 2018 as a Research Fellow and helps with metadata curation, building an exhibit on Francois Mackandal, and digital storytelling.

Avery Blankenship

Digital Humanities Coordinator
Blankenship is a graduate student in the English Department at Northeastern University. Blankenship has been working with the ECDA since Spring of 2019 as an Application Developer. Her work focuses on building and maintaining web-based user interfaces and tools that bring the work of the ECDA to the general public.

Dannie Brice

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Dannie Brice is an undergraduate research fellow from Brandeis University in Waltham, MA. Brice is a triple major in Africana Studies, Gender Studies, and History, where her work focuses on Transatlantic Caribbean mobility, Haitian literary history, and exile and refugee narratives. At the ECDA she provides Kreyol translations and builds exhibits (she is currently at work on a Makandal exhibit with Laura Johnson, and is in the planning stages of another one on Haitian women). Brice also contributes important theoretical insights on how to work with Francophone Caribbean texts in the archive.

Savita Maharaj

Undergraduate Research Fellow

Savita Maharaj is an undergraduate student pursuing a combined degree in English and Cultural Anthropology at Northeastern University. She has an immense interest in the ECDA because of her familial relationship to Trinidad and Tobago and her goal of becoming a highschool teacher in the future. Savita’s work with the ECDA will focus on building a K-12 curriculum that revolves around Carribean history.

Ben Doyle

Project Manager and Web Developer

Elizabeth Hopwood

Project Manager and TEI Director

Dania Dwyer

Research and Pedagogy Lead

Nicole Keller

Acquisitions Manager

Sarah Payne

Research and Pedagogy Lead

Elizabeth Polcha

Project Manager

Lara Rose

NULab Fellow

Megan Barney

Site Design Lead


The Early Caribbean Digital Archive. Nicole Aljoe and Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Northeastern University, 2017.

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Example: Rose, Lara. “Candid Reflections Upon the Judgement lately awarded by the Court of King’s Bench, in Westminster-Hall, On what is commonly called the Negroe-cause, By A Planter: A Scholarly Introduction.” The Early Caribbean Digital Archive.

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