A Treatise on Sugar: With Miscellaneous Medical Observations.
Moseley, Benjamin (Author)
University of California, Berkeley (Contributor)
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Second Edition - London, UK : G.G. and J. Robinson, Paternoster Row, 1800
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A Treatise on Sugar is a well-circulated text by English physician Benjamin Moseley (1742-1819). While practicing as a physician in Jamaica from 1768 to 1784, Moseley wrote a number of treatises detailing his discoveries on the island, with this being the most well known. This is the second edition of A Treatise on Sugar which was published in 1800, only a year after the first edition was published in 1799. It would go on to be published regularly throughout Europe and the Americas, although not always in its entirety. In this treatise, he traces euro-centric histories of plant cultivation in the Caribbean. This treatise, as the others, culminates in observations about colonial agricultural production and the plantation's related scientific cultures in the Caribbean. A Treatise on Sugar is notable in part because it includes a brief and early account of the runaway slave and Maroon leader, Jack Mansong, "the famous Negro robber" and the Jamaican religious and medical practice of Obeah.
Table of contents
Preface to the Second Edition -- i; Sugar Cane Species -- 3; "Sugar" in Other Languages -- 4; History of the Sugar Cane -- 5; History of Sugar -- 43; On the Properties and Use of Sugar -- 75; Appendixes -- 174; Miscellaneous Medical Observations -- 177; Obi [Obeah] -- 190; Three-Fingered-Jack -- 197; The Plague -- 207; Hospitals -- 247; Bronchocele -- 255; Prisons -- 265;
Moseley, Benjamin. A Treatise on Sugar. With Miscellaneous Medical Observations. Second Edition. London: Printed by John Nichols, 1800.
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Other editions
First Edition: 1799, printed by G.G. and J. Robinson, Paternoster-Row (see http://www.worldcat.org/oclc/642335367)
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